2016 new crop white radish with low price/new crop white radish

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2016 new crop white radish with low price

Product Name: white radish
Size: M:0.5kg-0.8kg L: 1kg-1.3kg
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2016 new crop white radish with low price 

 1) washed, clean ,

     Inner Packing :Net bubble pack Outer Packing:Carton

  2) Sizes: M:0.5kg-0.8kg L: 1kg-1.3kg
  3) Packing:10kg carton
  4) Transporting and storing temperature :0 degree 


1.From place of origin

2.Feature: wahsed and clean

3.Packing:10kg/20kg carton

4.Available: all the year round

5.Clean surface,no stain,no fleck,thin skin,complete body.

6.No rot ,no moldy,no fibre,rich nutritions for human health.

Supply top fresh Vietnamese Radish from place of origin .

Sweet and large supply

Good quality

Reasonable price

Health effects of white radish
1, anti-cancer: Radish contains lignin, can increase the vitality of macrophages, phagocytosis of 

cancer cells. In addition, the radish contains a variety of enzymes, can break down carcinogenic 

nitrite amine, with anti-cancer effect. 

2, rejuvenation anti-aging: radish is rich in vitamins A, vitamin C and other vitamins, especially in 

the leaves of vitamin C content is more than 4 times the rhizome. Vitamin C can prevent the aging 

of the skin, prevent the formation of black stains, keep the skin white and tender.In addition, vitamin 

a and vitamin c have antioxidant effect, can inhibit cancer, can also prevent aging and arteriosclerosis.

3, fitness disease prevention: white radish with mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, with the promotion

 of digestion, increased appetite, speed up the stomach and intestines cough and cough and phlegm. 

Chinese medicine theory also believes that the taste of Xin Gan, cool, into the lung and stomach, for the 

food Jiapin, can treat or adjuvant treatment of various diseases, Materia Medica called "the most 

beneficial vegetables.

4, bowel detoxification: In addition to vitamins, white radish in the dietary fiber content is very impressive, 

especially in the leaves contain plant fiber is rich. These plant fibers can promote gastrointestinal motility, 

eliminate constipation, play a role in detoxification, thereby improving the skin rough, acne and so on.

1.High capacity
2.High performance of secondary crushing
4.Integral crushing&screening
5.Belt conveyor self-loaded



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