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Sweet Potato From China

Product Name: Sweet Potato
Size: 50-250g, 250-400g, 400-550g, 550-750g
Packing:10kg/carton, or according clients' requirement
Delivery Time:
Delivery time: within 5 days upon recept deposit
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 Sweet Potato From China

1: Style: fresh Sweet Potato

2:Color: red/yellow/purple skin, yellow/white/purple flesh

3: Weight: 50-250g, 250-400g, 400-550g, 550-750g

4:Packing:10kg/carton, or according clients' requirement

5:Supply period: all the year round

6:Delivery time: within 5 days upon recept deposit

7: Origin: Shandong province, China


No worm, no rotten

Nutritional value of sweet potato
nutrient content of sweet potato
Sweet potato tuber contains 60% -80% moisture, 10% -30% starch, about 5% sugar and a small amount of

 protein, oil, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, ash, etc., if 2.5Kg fresh sweet potato 0.5Kg of food into the

 calculation of its nutrients in addition to fat, protein, carbohydrates and other content than rice, flour, and sweet 

potato protein composition is reasonable, the essential amino acid content, especially grain and cereals in the

 lack of Lai L-threonine content in sweet potato is higher. In addition sweet potato is rich in vitamins (carotene, 

vitamin A, B, C, E), the starch is also easily absorbed by the body. 
Vitamin A is known as "little eye guard," said, vitamin A is converted by the carotene. Sweet potato is rich in 

rich in carotene, can provide rich in vitamin A, vitamin A content can be as high as 40mg / 100g fresh white

 sweet potatoes, carotene is absorbed by the body can be converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A can maintain 

normal visual function.

2. Edible fiber of sweet potato
White sweet potato fiber contains 10 times the equivalent of rice, the delicate texture, not to hurt the stomach, 

can speed up the digestive tract peristalsis, help defecation, clean the digestive tract, shortening the food toxic 

substances in the intestinal retention time, reduce constipation And cause the body's own poisoning, reduce 

intestinal cancer-causing substances, the prevention of hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. While cellulose can 

absorb part of the glucose, the blood sugar content decreased, help prevent diabetes.

3. Sugar and protein conjugates of sweet potato
White sweet potato is rich in mucus protein, which is a mixture of polysaccharide and protein, the human body has

 a special protective effect, can maintain the digestive tract, respiratory tract, joint cavity, cavity lubrication and vas

cular elasticity, because this material can prevent Material deposition in the arterial wall caused by arteriosclerosis,

 can prevent liver and kidney and other organs of connective tissue atrophy, can slow down the aging of human 

organs, improve the body immunity. White sweet potato also contains glycoprotein, has a good anti-mutation, lipid 

lowering and enhance the role of immunity.

4. Potassium of sweet potato

  White sweet potato with high potassium content, it can reduce the excessive intake of salt caused by the drawbacks. 

Potassium is also an important factor in protecting the heart. Because potassium is a basic element, white sweet potato

 pH value of 10.31, is a physiological alkaline food, and in the role of body fluids. Appropriate consumption of white sweet

 potato, is conducive to maintaining the blood acid-base balance of people's health, development and intellectual development 

are beneficial.

5. Anti-cancer substances of sweet potato

There is a white sweet potato called "deoxy androsterone," the physiological activity of substances that can prevent colon cancer

 and breast cancer, brain cells and endocrine hormone activity has a great role in promoting, it can delay mental retardation and

 increase the body Of the resistance. Contains more carotene, lysine, plant fiber, dehydroepiandrosterone, can prevent colon 

cancer and breast cancer.

1.High capacity
2.High performance of secondary crushing
4.Integral crushing&screening
5.Belt conveyor self-loaded


  • Sweet Potato From China

    Product Name: Sweet Potato
    Size: 50-250g, 250-400g, 400-550g, 550-750g
    Packing: Packing:10kg/carton, or according clients' requirement
    Delivery Time: Delivery time: within 5 days upon recept deposit


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