garlic price in 2018-garlic-prices-plunged-garlic-prices-are-unlikely-to-rise-in-2018

Garlic prices plunged, garlic prices are unlikely to rise in 2018

                                                                                           Garlic prices plunged, garlic prices are unlikely to rise in 2018

In the past two years, the price of garlic was the same as a roller coaster. The price of garlic rose sharply in 2016, attracting a large number of farmers to follow suit, which caused the price of garlic in 2017 to plummet. The commodity is rare and valuable. The price of garlic has fallen because of the increase in planting area. There is also a suitable climate. The output of garlic has gone up, and it has a certain impact on the price of garlic

The total investment for planting an acre of garlic is about 2,500 yuan, including about 100 yuan for cultivated land, about 500 yuan for garlic seeds, about 150 yuan for artificial seeding, about 650 yuan for chemical fertilizers, and 100 yuan for other things such as watering and pesticides. The labor costs are particularly high, about 1,000 yuan per mu, and about 1,750 jins of garlic per mu, then garlic needs to invest more than 1.4 yuan. In 2017, the price of garlic fell and the price of garlic was close to the cost. Because some farm households will surely reduce the planting area, the climate will not hinder the growth of garlic seedlings. In the coming year, garlic will be a bumper year. In 2018, the price of garlic in rural areas will still rise, but the increase will not be significant.

The price of garlic is also tainted by some fried garlic people. They hoard and sell them in due time to get the most benefit from them. They encourage farmers to pick up the goods and sell them at a high price. This also affects the price of garlic.

In spite of the fact that the price of garlic is still affected by the quantity, if the supply exceeds the demand, the price will fall. If the demand exceeds supply, then the price will surely go up. Not only garlic, almost all commodities follow this 


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