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Edible advice about the taro

Edible advice about the taro 

Edible selection
1. Taro contains indigestible starch and calcium oxalate crystals, but calcium oxalate has bitter taste and will make the skin allergy, but after cooking will disappear. The flesh will turn gray or lilac when cooked. Taro cooking methods are similar to potatoes. Taro after the stew will make the soup becomes thicker, and taro easy to absorb other ingredients of the soup. Potatoes and taros are fried or fried with flakes and soaked in sauces. They are also delicious and can be cooked with slices and syrups. They become a dessert. Taro leaves can also be used to cook, boiled like spinach and can be used to package other food to bake. However, the calcium oxalate in the leaves will be destroyed after cooking.
2. Taro skin tattoo method: the tipping of the taro into a small pocket (only half a bag) hand to seize the pocket, the bag fell on the concrete floor a few times, then taro poured out, you can find taro skin all off Down the next. Taro contains more starch, eat too much can cause bloating;
3. Health taro small poison, food must be ripe; Health taro juice can cause local skin allergies, ginger can be used to wipe the solution.
people suitble
The general population can be eaten.
1. Especially for the weak body of edible;
2. For those who have sputum, sensitive physical (urticaria, eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis), children with food stagnation, poor appetite, and diabetes should eat less; at the same time stagnation of stomach pain, gastrointestinal hot and humid not eat.
1, taro mucus contains a complex compound, the case of heat can be decomposed, this material has a therapeutic effect on the body, but the skin and mucous membranes have a strong stimulus, so in the peel taro, the hand skin will be itchy, Baked on the fire can be relieved, so the best tacit tacquling when wearing gloves;
2, taro cooking must be cooked, or one of the mucus will stimulate the throat;

3, taro can be used as a staple food dipped in confectionery, but also can be used to make dishes, snacks, so it is the favorite rhizome food.

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