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History of Chinese cabbage

History of Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage originating in China, in the Neolithic Banpo ruins unearthed in a pot where there are cabbage, has 6,000 years of history; than other origin of China's food crops to ancient. Cabbage ancient times called "Sang", the Spring and Autumn Period has been cultivated, the earliest named in the Han Dynasty. Northern and Southern Dynasties is one of the most commonly used vegetables in southern China. Tang Dynasty appeared white peony, purple sorghum and bovine almond and other different varieties. Song Dynasty land tenant "埤 Ya" said: "Sang Ling Ling is not withered, four o'clock common, there are loose exercises, so the word knowing, and Materia Medica that frost resistance also." Yuan Dynasty folk began to call it "cabbage". Ming Dynasty Chinese medicine scientist Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Sang Ling late winter withered, four o'clock common, there are loose operation, Gu Yue Sang. This vulgar cabbage, its color white." "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded The medicinal value of some cabbage.

Before the Ming Dynasty cabbage mainly in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Taihu area cultivation, the Ming and Qing Dynasties non-heading cabbage (cabbage) in the north has been rapid development. At the same time in Zhejiang region to cultivate successful cabbage (cabbage). In the middle of the eighteenth century (Kanggan) In the north, cabbage replaced cabbage, and the yield exceeded the south. North China, Shandong produced cabbage began along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal sold to Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well as South China. Lu Xun in the "flower toward the sun", "Mr. Fujino," a text, said: "is probably something to Greek (dilute) for your strike. Beijing's cabbage shipped to Zhejiang; will use the red rope tied vegetables root, upside down in the fruit shop, Respect for 'rubber'.

Chinese cabbage is in the Ming Dynasty from China to Lee's North Korea, and later became the main raw material of Korean kimchi. Korean TV drama "Dae Jang Geum" in the hero to try out from the Ming Dynasty introduced cabbage (cabbage) plot.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, during the Russo-Japanese War, some Japanese soldiers tasted this dish in northeastern China and felt good, and brought it to Japan. In the Japanese market to sell food factory production of dumplings, are basically pork cabbage stuffing.

Today, many countries around the world have introduced cabbage.

Cabbage, in the West, also known as "Beijing varieties of cabbage", that is, the end of cabbage, Cantonese in Cantonese called vegetables. Chinese cabbage has large green leaves and white vegetables to help. Multiple leaves are tightly wrapped together to form a cylinder, and most of them form a dense head. Was wrapped in the inside of the leaves because the sun can not see the light and even pale yellow.

Chinese cabbage is resistant to storage, so the Chinese people, especially the people of northern China have special feelings about cabbage. In the difficult times, cabbage is the only winter they can eat vegetables, a family often need to store hundreds of pounds of cabbage to cope with the winter, so cabbage in China evolved out of the stew, fried, pickled, mixed with a variety of burning The Winter in the minimum temperature of -5 ℃ or so, the cabbage can be safely stored in the winter, the outer leaves can be dry after the internal insulation. If the temperature is low, you need to hide. However, in the cold north there are several other ways to store cabbage in winter, such as in North Korea and northeastern China northeast of pickled Korean winter vegetables, in the northeast of China, eastern Inner Mongolia and northern Hebei cold before the lack of salt used to use areas Sauerkraut and other methods to store cabbage.

As the cabbage is harvested in autumn corn harvest, early winter harvest, yield, easy management, but the storage needs of the area, so the harvest time at the same time the listing price is very cheap, some businesses in the promotional items often use "certain goods cabbage price" The slogan describes its cheap.
Chinese cabbage variety, the basic scent type, flower heart type, the ball type and semi-ball type of several categories, the main varieties are:

* Tianjin, represented by the Grand Canal along the coast of three or four hundred years of planting history of green leaf (Tianjin green), green leaves more, to help thin, less fiber, soft leaves. "Jinghai County" has written "Zhou Zhou Yong (Southern Qi Qi people) said the beauty of the city, early spring early leek, late autumn is also sung, delicious and long, the canal along the best.

* Yellow leafy leaf-based varieties, also known as yellow bud cabbage, yellow sprouts, yellow and white, there are two kinds of north and south. Yellow buds Qing dynasty Guangxuan twenty-four years (1898) "Tianjin Gate" in mind "yellow bud cabbage, is better than the Jiangnan winter shoots, with its 100 eat tire", as well as its "North bamboo shoots" of Said.

* Taiwanese cabbage grown in Taiwan is also a kind of cabbage; thinner than Beijing cabbage.

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