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The planting requirements of taro

The planting requirements of taro

1. Temperature requirements:

Taro origin of high temperature and more wetlands, in the long process of cultivation of the formation of the water taro, drought and dry taro, dry taro and other cultivation types. But whether the taro or dry taro need high temperature and humidity of the environmental conditions, 13-15 ℃ taro bulbs began to germinate, seedling growth temperature of 20-25 ℃, the growth period of the appropriate temperature of 20-30 ℃. Day and night temperature difference is conducive to the formation of bulbs, bulb formation during the day 28-30 ℃, 18-20 ℃ at night the most appropriate.

2. Requirements for moisture:

Whether it is water or taro are like the wet natural environment conditions, dry taro growth requirements of the soil moist, especially in the leaf growing season and the formation of bulbs, water demand, requiring increased watering or in the ditch in the irrigation water. At the same time pay attention to the formation of the early formation of bulbs in the fruit rhizome, so that the underground fruit nutrition transport pipe thicker, to increase the vitality of fruit enlargement, fruit surface smooth, fruit type, quality improvement, to high yield. Water taro growth period requires a certain water layer, seedling layer of water 3-5 cm. Leaf growth peak with water depth of 5-7 cm as well, 6-7 days before harvest to control the watering and irrigation, to prevent the bulb water too much, intolerant storage.

3. Requirements for lighting:

Taro more resistant to light, the light intensity requirements are not very strict. Growing well in scattered light, bulb formation and swelling require short day conditions.

4. Requirements for soil:

Water taro suitable for water growth, need to choose paddy fields, low-lying or ditch cultivation. Although the growth of dry land in dry land, but still maintain the ecological type of swamp plants, should choose to plant in wet areas. Taro is a hi fat crop, the bulb is formed in the underground soil layer, it should be selected organic matter rich, soil layer of loam or clay loam, the best pH value of 5.5-7.

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