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Research history of kiwi fruit

                                              Research history of kiwi fruit

Kiwi origin of China, was originally a wild fruit, until the beginning of the last century, a New Zealand female teacher brought it back to the country, was developed into a fruit called kiwi fruit. From the wild to the cultivation of the development process, quite legendary. [1] 

Kiwi commonly known as peach, peach, mountain peach, pear peach, is native to China's ancient wild vine fruit trees. Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province Huangyan District Jiao Hang Village also preserved more than 200 years ago from the mountains transplanted to the fields planted kiwi plants.

There are many species of kiwifruit in China. According to botanists, there are more than 52 species of kiwifruit species distributed in the country, many of which can be eaten. The kiwifruit on the fruit market today is mainly refers to the Chinese kiwi fruit, and in 1984 it was identified by its variants as a new species of delicious kiwi. Their wild species are widely distributed, the northern provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu and Henan, the southern Guangdong and Guangdong and Fujian, southwest Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River provinces have, especially in the Yangtze River Basin. [1] 

Kiwi by the ancients of the history of feeding a very long, in addition to the Book of Songs, in the "Ya" in the grass also have Chang Chu, the Eastern Jin Dynasty famous naturalist Guo Pu named it as a goat. Hubei and some people in eastern Sichuan still kiwi called goat.

Kiwi name, it is likely to appear until the Tang Dynasty. Tang "Materia Medica Supplements" contains: "Kiwi taste salty non-toxic, for medicinal, orthopedic wind, paralysis failure, long white hair, hemorrhoids, etc." Note at least 1,200 years ago in China Has been planted in the courtyard kiwi planted. In addition to wild fruit consumption, because kiwi leaves and flowers are very beautiful, as ornamental flowers and trees in the garden cultivation began in the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty poet Cen Shen's "Su Taibai Dongxi Li Laohe sent brother nephew" poem in the "courtyard bar, a kiwi" sentence, very vividly written when people use kiwi landscaping home situation. The same period, "Materia Medica Supplements" records that had been used as drugs. [1] 

Song Kaibao years (973 - 974 years) compiled "open treasure Materia Medica" has recorded it: "a vine pear, a Muzi, a kiwi pear." Also said it "its shape like a large chicken, its brown skin, Frost is sweet and edible. "From these records, we can see that the ancients used it as a wild fruit. Song Yuanfeng five years (1082 years), Tang Shen Zheng in the "card of herbal medicine," said: sweet acid, raw valley, rattan trees, leaves round hairy, the fruit shape like duck goose big, its brown skin, food. "Song Zheng and 6 years (1116), pharmacologist Kou Zongshe in the" Materia Medica Yan Yi "in the account:" Kiwi, this Yongxing Army (now in Shaanxi) Nanshan much, food solution is hot, ... ... October ripe , Light green, the students are very sour, sub-fine, its color such as mustard, branches weak, high two thirty feet, more attached wood and students, shallow mountain near the road there are survivors, mountains are mostly monkey food. "It is perhaps the reason behind it, so that it has the name of kiwi, of course, it was a lot of aliases at the time.

"Anhui Chi" cloud: "kiwi, Yixian out, a sun peach." Li Shizhen solution "sheep peach" cloud, leaf large palm, on the green under the white, hairy, ramie and the group. This is the kiwi, non-peach also. Here, by the way, Li Shizhen records the sheep peach is indeed kiwi, but he did not know this, but also that kiwi is another fruit, so in the "grass" and "fruit" two. [1] 
From the relevant historical point of view, this wild fruit has been used by mountain people, but the use of the way may be similar with the Rosa laevigata, has not been domesticated cultivation. Qing Dynasty Wu Qijun "plant name real map test" records: "This Jiangxi, Huguang, Henan mountains are all, rural people or holding the city for sale."

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