Dried mushroom, Baking and Storage of Dried mushroom

Baking and Storage of Dried mushroom

Baking and Storage of Dried mushroom

In the process of Cultivation dried mushrooms, due to management is not timely, or climate anomalies, large temperature difference, easy to form some deformed mushrooms and inferior mushrooms (collectively referred to as mushrooms). If these mushrooms do not deal with low-grade mushrooms directly into the market as the price of fresh mushrooms is very low, and poor sales. If it is baked into dried mushrooms, not only can appreciate, and sell well. However, some farmers due to improper baking method, the same mushrooms, the price is often a difference of several times.

1. Perform raw material handling. Fresh mushrooms will be cut handle. Shank should be based on the length of mushroom-shaped, mushroom meat, mushrooms, mushrooms surface to determine, and can be divided into chaff, cut feet, cut flat feet three levels. Mushroom surface is large and round, mushroom meat thin, mushroom soft mushrooms, it is desirable half of the foot (ie, cut the mushroom, mushroom thin mushrooms, mushroom feet long mushrooms, to chaff appropriate To half of the mushroom feet), ranging from 1 to 1.5 cm; mushroom large round face, mushroom flesh and hard to take a flat foot is appropriate, that is cut feet, leaving about 0.5 cm. According to the size of mushrooms, mushroom meat thickness, rounded mushroom surface, mushroom quality is good or bad, sub-length cut short stay mushroom feet, the price of dried mushrooms and dried mushrooms yield a great impact.

2. Baking method: the key is to master the baking process temperature. Mushrooms cut by different lengths of the handle, the discharge in the baking sieve, drying oven will be pushed into the drying oven, the door closed from the ignition ignition. The initial drying temperature can not be less than 30 ℃, preferably 32 ℃ from the baking; in the range of 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ bake 6 hours; ceasefire 1 hour, and then 45 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ hot air temperature conditions, dehydration 6 hours ; Ceasefire for 2 hours, for mushrooms. And finally dehydrated at 50 ° C to 60 ° C until drying. In the baking time should not heat up too fast, the temperature can not be more than 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃. Sudden heating will cause a sharp contraction of the mushroom body, resulting in mushroom cover and rewind the blacked out, seriously affecting the quality of dry mushrooms. In the baking process, the mushroom is also a link can not be ignored. Because the mushroom meat thickness varies, its water content is very different, the baking time requirements of natural different. Therefore, after the second cease-fire, it must be screened for inspection and found that drying should be picked up into the plastic bag, not dry into the box to continue to bake. This can prevent some mushrooms due to baking too much and zoom, affecting the quality of dried mushrooms.

3. Dried mushrooms Of storage: mushrooms dried, if not properly stored, it is easy to counter the tide. Especially in the rainy season, high temperature, humidity is more likely to cause mildew and insects. So mushrooms dried, to quickly grade into plastic bags. In order to prevent moisture intrusion, can be placed in a small bag of inorganic sodium chloride, so as not to mushroom body sugar leakage and discoloration, while preventing moth and other spawning and hatching. In order to prevent the mushroom moth and other pests, but also before storage with carbon disulfide storage room fumigation for 24 hours, and so on, then remove the residual gas storage. [1] 
Dry storage: mushrooms absorbent, high water content easily oxidized deterioration, mildew can occur. Therefore, mushrooms must be dried before they can be stored. Storage container must be placed in the appropriate block lime or dry charcoal and other hygroscopic agent to prevent back tide.
Cryopreservation: mushrooms must be stored in low-temperature ventilation, the condition can be installed mushrooms sealed container placed in the refrigerator or cold storage.

Dark storage: the infrared light will make mushroom temperature, ultraviolet light can cause photochemical effects, thereby accelerating mushroom metamorphism. Therefore, mushrooms must be stored under strong light and packaged in light-transmissive materials.

Sealed storage: Oxidation reaction is a necessary process of mushroom qualitative change, if cut off the oxygen can inhibit its oxidative deterioration. Available cans, ceramic cylinders and other containers can be sealed storage mushrooms, containers should be lined with food bags. To open the mouth of the container as little as possible, when sealing to discharge the air inside the liner, the conditions available oxygen bag filling nitrogen storage.
Separate storage: mushrooms with a strong adsorption, must be stored separately, that is, the storage of mushroom containers may not be mixed with other items, storage of mushroom storage should not be mixed storage of other materials. In addition, do not use the smell of volatile containers or odor absorption of the container storage mushrooms.

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