People eat garlic more often having the effect of unknown in daily life

People eat garlic more often having the effect of unknown in daily life

People eat garlic more often having the effect of unknown in daily life

Garlic is a delicacy in the process of cooking delicacies, but also a good nutritious, it is excellent green natural medicine. Studies have shown that the nutritional value of garlic even more than ginseng. Garlic contains more than 200 kinds of substances beneficial to the health of the body, in addition to protein, vitamin E, vitamin C and calcium, iron, selenium and other elements, the most attention is to enhance human immunity S-allylic cysteine Acid (SAC), and very bactericidal allicin. Other ingredients can also prevent some of the circulatory system diseases, such as stable blood pressure, improve blood circulation, inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, adjust sugar metabolism.

Now let's take a look at the health effects of garlic.


Foreign studies have found that sulfur compounds in garlic can promote intestinal production of an enzyme or called garlic fog substances, by enhancing the body's immune system, to eliminate the substances in the intestine cause intestinal cancer risk. In addition, the trace elements in garlic selenium also have some anti-tumor effect.

Treatment of impotence

Studies have shown that garlic does have the effect of treating impotence. Garlic is good for blood circulation, which is important for erectile function. In addition, there are researchers through the rabbit and mouse experiments found that garlic can stimulate the secretion of male hormones, and can increase the number of sperm.

Garlic in some of the ingredients, similar to vitamin E and vitamin C antioxidant, anti-aging.
Recommended to eat: egg yolk garlic beauty anti-aging

Garlic can promote blood circulation; egg yolk is rich in vitamin E, can slow down the aging of blood vessels and skin, both with complementary advantages. Production process: in the mashed garlic mixed with egg yolk, and then slowly fry with slow fire.


It was found that pork is rich in vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 and garlic contain allicin together, can play a good role in the elimination of fatigue, to restore physical strength.

Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
Epidemiological studies have shown that the average rate of death due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is significantly lower in the area of 20 grams of raw garlic per person per day, which is significantly lower than that of non-edible raw garlic habit.
Resistance to thrombosis study found that garlic in the oil has the role of inhibition of platelet aggregation, to achieve the effect of prevention of thrombosis.
Decreased blood lipid clinical study showed that daily consumption of raw garlic 50 grams, even after 6 days of serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were significantly lower than the pre-test content.

Lower blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension, if every morning to eat a few petals vinegar bubble garlic, and drink two tablespoons of vinegar juice, half a month after the blood pressure will be reduced.


Daily garlic can reduce the degree of allergic reactions, especially by the temperature changes caused by allergies. The best way is to start eating raw garlic a few weeks before the onset of the allergy season.

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