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New Crop Fresh Celery Price

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   New Crop Fresh Celery Price

                --------- 2016 New crop

 Packaging & Delivery of Fresh Celery

Packaging Details: 10kg/ctn or plastic box , 15kg/ctn or plastic box
Delivery Detail: 3-5 days a container

Fresh celery

10kg/plastic box 


Qty: 19mt in a 40ft container

Supply time:    all the year round

Shipping port: shandong port, China


 Nutrient content of fresh celery price

Celery is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals

 are also many, in addition to protein, mannitol and dietary fiber and other ingredients.

 Leaf stem also contains the active ingredient of the celery glycosides, fructone glycosides and volatile oil, with lower blood 

pressure, blood fat, the role of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis; neurasthenia, menstrual disorders, gout, muscle

 spasms also have some auxiliary diet Role; it can also promote the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite. In particular, 

the elderly, due to physical activity is small, less food, drinking water and less susceptible to dry stool, often eat celery can 

stimulate gastrointestinal motility conducive to defecation. 

1, the role of calming sedative celery celery
From the celery seeds separated from a basic component of the sedative effect on animals, the human body can play a 

stabilizing effect; celery Gan or apigenin oral can fight against cocaine-induced excitement in mice, is conducive to 

emotional stability and eliminate irritability.

2, celery diuretic swelling
Celery contains diuretic active ingredients, elimination of water and sodium retention, diuretic swelling. Clinically effective to celery

 decoction of 85.7%, can treat chyluria.

3, celery Pinggan blood pressure
Celery with acidic components of antihypertensive, rabbit, dog intravenous injection of a significant antihypertensive effect; vascular

 perfusion can vasodilator; with aortic arch perfusion method, it can against nicotine, theophylline caused by step-up response, and 

can Cause buck. Clinical for primary, pregnancy and menopausal hypertension are effective.

4, celery heat detoxification
Spring dry climate, people tend to feel dry mouth, asthma, upset, physical discomfort, eat celery help detoxify, Qubing physical. Anger

 is too busy, rough skin and often insomnia, headaches may be appropriate to eat more.

1.High capacity
2.High performance of secondary crushing
4.Integral crushing&screening
5.Belt conveyor self-loaded



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