2 containers red onion deliver to Japan in December 20 th, 2016-Henan BEST Agricultural Science and Technology co., LTD

2 containers red onion deliver to Japan in December 20 th, 2016

   2 containers red onion deliver to Japan in December 20 th, 2016

 The fresh red onion have the following features: 


 Newest crop red fresh onion from China



 Product Type









 Mesh bag

 Deliver Time

 3-7 Days after confirming the order

 Supply Period

 All the year round

 Place of Origin

 Shandong, China

Nutritive Value of  Red  Onion

Onion is a kind of very cheap and common home cooking. Onion contain a variety of nutrients,

 which have very strong sterilization ability and can effectively resist the influenza virus to reduce

 the toxicity of carcinogens and lower the cholesterol of hyperlipidemia patients and enhance the 

activity of the enzyme, and it is beneficial to the improvement of atherosclerosis. Onion contain

 prostaglandia A, which can reduce human peripheral vascular resistance, lower blood pressure 

and stable blood pressure, soften blood vessels and also has the function of diasstolic lood vessels.

 Onions can delay cell senescence, all these are beneficial to the elderly, and make people live longe.

Growth Environment of red onion

(1) Temperature

Onion on the temperature adaptability. Seeds and bulbs at 3 ~ 5 ℃ can slowly germinate, 12 ℃

 began to accelerate the growth of suitable temperature seedlings for 12 ~ 20 ℃, leaves 18 ~ 20 ℃,

 bulb 20 ~ 26 ℃, robust seedlings resistant to -6 ~ 7 Lt; 0 & gt; C. Bulb swelling required a higher 

temperature, the bulb can not be expanded below 15 ℃, 21 ~ 27 ℃ growth best. Temperature is too 

high will grow recession, into sleep. 

(2) light

Onion is a long sunshine crop, in bulb expansion and bolting flowering requires 14 hours or more long sunshine 

conditions. In high temperature short-day conditions only long leaves, can not form onions. Onion suitable for the

 light intensity of 2 million to 4 million lux.

(3) moisture

Onion in the germination period, the seedling growth period and bulb enlargement period should provide sufficient

 water. But in the seedling stage and before winter to control the water, to prevent seedlings of leggy, suffered frost

 damage. 12 weeks before harvest to control irrigation, the bulb tissue enrichment, accelerated maturation, to prevent 

bulb cracking. Onion leaves drought, suitable for 60% to 70% of the humidity, air humidity is too high prone to disease.

(4) soil and nutrition

  red Onion adaptability to the soil to fertile loose, good ventilation of the neutral loam is appropriate, sandy loam easy

 to get high yield, but the clayey soil bulb enrichment, color, and storage. Onion root absorption capacity is weak, high

 yield need adequate nutritional conditions. Every 1000 kg onion to be absorbed from the soil nitrogen 2 kg, 0.8 kg of 

 phosphorus, potassium 2.2 kg. Application of copper, boron, sulfur and other trace elements significantly increased


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